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Choosing the right Country as well as the right university for studying abroad can be a formidable task. With so many institutions, so many countries and so many different courses on offer worldwide, making the right choice can be difficult. This choice however will be one of the most important decisions anyone will ever make in life and ensuring that one chooses wisely is critical.

TruPurpose Job Shop has a portfolio of partners that provide you opportunities for international university placements. Our team of professional counselors helps aspiring students choose their career and education path by placing them in affordable and reputable universities and colleges across the world. At TruPurpose Job Shop, we offer you useful study abroad application assistance, tips and guidance that help you get admission with ease.

Students using The TruPurpose University Admission service will receive a comprehensive package of advice and assistance tailored to their particular needs and requirements. You will be carefully guided through the complete study-abroad University application process that includes a few stages, maximizing your chances of getting admission in the institution of your choice (from our list of international partner Universities).

Currently, we engage in student placement in Universities in Turkey and Benin-Republic. We are approved recruiters/partners with some reputable Universities in these countries. The stages in the study-abroad University application process are:

  • Profiling: To ensure that we accurately advise on the best country, university and course, we will first conduct a comprehensive profiling exercise. Towards this, we will assign a highly professional Admission Counselor who has in-depth knowledge for each student. Based on the applicant's academic qualifications, career goals, financial ability/status and/or work experience, our counselors will help choose the right course and University that addresses their aspirations and goals.
  • Country/ University / Course selection: If you aspire to study abroad, it is important to choose the right course, which means you must make an informed choice based on your goals and interest. The Admission Counselors at Trupurpose Job Shop then recommend the appropriate University/Universities from our list of international partner Universities for applicants after analyzing their profile. They can then discuss the recommended University/Universities with their families/friends before making a choice.
  • Document Editing: Submitting the right documents is the first step towards ensuring that Admission applications are accepted by an international University. Once the choice of University has been made, the applicant's documents will be carefully reviewed by the professional editorial team. The students/applicants are responsible for drafting and collating these documents, our admission experts must review the work to help improve upon the content, grammar, tone and structure. This will ensure that the profile presented to the chosen institutions is professional and projects all that they need to know about the student in the best possible manner.
  • Application review and Submission: This is the final chance to review the applications before they are submitted to the chosen University. This is a critical part of the process and a decent amount of time is set aside to focus on this stage. The TruPurpose team of experienced application professionals ensures that all details and documents are available and accurate and they ensure that the applicant/student is satisfied with the final application that has to be submitted to the University.

TruPurpose Job Shop also offers a range of Value Added Services that complement its University Admission Service. If you take advantage of these packages, designed to enhance your overall education experience, you will benefit from a range of valuable services, customized to your particular needs.

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