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All requests from employers are attended to within 48 hours

Kindly fill the form below to enable us to search for workers that meet your requirements.

Please note the following recruitment service terms and conditions:

  • Employers should note that all live-in and out-going Housemaids and other employees must be 18 years and above.
  • The employer must report any case of misconduct within the stipulated period of 3 months, for us to effect the required change or else pay a new service fee for the new worker.
  • There is no replacement for Secretaries, Front Desk Officers, Office Assistants, Cashiers and Accountants, etc. deployed to your organization, as we will make sure that they meet your requirements.
  • Trupurpose Job Shop will only conduct background checks if requested by the employer to do so, and this will be done after the payment of the prescribed fee.
  • In conducting a background check, Trupurpose Job Shop and its affiliate will only verify the information supplied by the applicants as far as practicable and issue relevant reports to the employers. Our background checks are for guidance only and should not be construed to mean that we are standing as guarantor to the applicant. It is the responsibility of the employer to obtain a suitable guarantor/referee as Trupurpose Job Shop and its employees will not be liable nor responsible for any damages, losses and/or liabilities suffered and/or incurred by the applicant in future.
  • In consideration of Trupurpose Job Shop and its affiliates providing job placement services, the applicant has signed a letter of undertaking to pay prescribed processing/job placement fee from his first salary. The employer must be willing to implement the agreement and details will be forwarded to you to effect necessary deduction from his/her first salary after the applicant is employed.
  • Other terms and conditions/disclaimers listed on our website are also relevant to this request.
The Background Check Fee is for each applicant. kindly contact us for detail
The additional fee is for each applicant. kindly contact us for detail
*Please note that we always conduct Pre-deployment interview for applicants before deployment but if you require us to be further involved in your interview planning/selection process, you will be required to pay an additional negotiable fee.
The following search fee is for each applicant selected and this payment is to made once the applicant has been employed by me or in my organization. I also undertake to effect the agreed deduction between your company and the applicant from his/ her first salary.

I have read and understand the terms and conditions of this recruitment service, and I agree to them.



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