Terms of Service


  • Registration is free

  • The age requirement for applicants is 18 years and above

  • Application/Registration does not constitute a job offer, nor does it imply that a position is available

  • A Job application remains active unless the applicant asks to have it withdrawn

  • Jobseekers fully understand that false information may be grounds for not hiring or for immediate termination of employment at any point in the future if hired. He/She authorizes the verification of any or all information listed in the portal by TruPurpose Job Shop and/or prospective employer

  • Job seekers are advised to choose Jobs relevant to their qualifications and/or experience to avoid being disqualified from Job Placement

  • In consideration of TruPurpose Job Shop Limited and its affiliates providing job placement service, the applicant will be required to sign an agreement to pay a prescribed processing/job placement service fee from his/her first salary only. Employers must be willing to implement the agreement and details of this agreement will be sent to employers to effect the necessary deduction from the employee’s first salary after the Applicant is employed

  • Our service is free for schools and hospitals but other Employers/Recruiters may be required to pay a Search Fee. The amount will be agreed upon before Applicant Search from our website/database

  • TruPurpose Job Shop will only conduct background checks based on written request by the employer and after payment of a prescribed fee

  • In conducting background checks, TruPurpose Job Shop Limited and its affiliates will only verify the information supplied by the applicants as far as practicable and issue relevant reports to the employers. Our background checks are for guidance only and should not be construed to mean that we are standing as a guarantor for the applicant. It is the responsibility of the employer to obtain suitable guarantor and/referee as TruPurpose Job Shop Limited and its employees will not be liable nor responsible for any damages, losses, and/or liabilities suffered and/or incurred by the applicant in future

  • Jobseekers and employers agree to keep Trupurpose Job Shop Limited, its affiliates, officers, employees and agents fully indemnified against any actual or contingent costs, expenses, charges, damages or liabilities incurred in relation to any actions or claims brought by any person or entity against Trupurpose Job Shop as a result of an actual or alleged breach by you of any law, regulation, by-law, ordinance or code of conduct or such other actions or claims brought as a consequence of your posting appearing on this site.


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